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  • Wide range of probe lengths 750 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 mm
  • TKLS fuel level sensor is equipped with in-built Bluetooth Smart® module, which helps to accomplish wireless diagnoctics and setting the sensor up with PC, notebooks and mobile devices on iOS and Windows without cable connection break
  • Capability of wireless connection to «АutoGRAPH™» tracking devices
  • Unique measurements filtering algorithm on the basis of data about inclination angles performed by built-in accelerometer gives an opportunity to get actual information about fuel level, refillings and drains in different usage conditions
  • TKLS fuel level sensor can produce self-diagnostics, present error report and also record inner event log
  • TKLS fuel level sensor carries E-mark (E8) approval as well as Conformity certificates of EAC
  • Warranty period – 5 years
  • Remote firmware update of TKLS fuel level sensor through «АutoGRAPH™» tracking devices
  • Safety password can be used in TKLS fuel level sensor to prevent unauthorized setting changes
  • Unique function of automatic calibrator management is used to simplify the process of fuel capacity calibration
  • TKLS fuel level sensor provides a temperature measuring and thermal compensation capability
  • TKLS fuel level sensor can be connected to nearly any tracking device equipped with RS-485 or frequency input
  • A wide range of RS-485 output protocols: AGHIP (AutoGRAPH Hardware Interface Protocol), LLS, ModBus
  • Special coating of the measuring probes providing high rate of anticorrosion protection
  • For easy installation TKLS fuel level sensor uses the most common SAE 5-bolt mounting
  • Protection class – IP67